East End

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Thanks to all participants

A big thanks to all participants of the 2015 Snowflake Regatta.  Despite some windy conditions during the early races, the weather held up nicely and both rowers and spectators experienced some great racing.  Final results can be found here via RegattaCentral.


Hot Seating

For 2015 there will be NO HOT SEATING permitted.  East End Rowing will do our best to sequence the races so that the young athletes have as many chances to race as possible, and that clubs and schools will have the best opportunity to get the most races out of their fleet.  However requests for hot seating or changes to race sequencing will not be entertained.

Coaches and Coxswain meeting, Bow Numbers

The Coaches and Coxswain meeting is mandatory for all competitors, the only exception is for Masters rowers who are also members of East End Rowing.  Bow numbers will be distributed at the mandatory coaches and coxswain meeting, not at registration.  This is to ensure that all competitors have representation at the coaches and coxswain meeting prior to racing.

Batch Launching

Races will be run in batches.  Each batch will launch together, then race in succession, and dock.  The next batch will launch after the completion of the previous batch.  This process will be followed until all batches complete.

No Passing Zones

As anyone who has raced the Snowflake knows, the Peconic River requires careful navigation and narrows significantly at many points. Some of these points will be clearly marked as no passing zones.  This will also be communicated in the coaches and coxswain meeting. Expect that the area near the finish will be a no passing zone, as the river narrows significantly at that point.

Fees and Payment

Payment for all competing boats will be verified at registration.  Any boats not paid for by registration will be charged via credit card at registration.